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B.S.Japan is dedicated to enabling a sustainable and connected world through the convergence of renewable solar energy-related, third-generation organic solar cells (OSC), and Internet of Things (IoT / AIoT) technologies. Our mission is to leverage advanced technologies to maximize energy efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and transform the way we live.


Because OPVs are based on flexible materials, they can be applied to curved surfaces or where traditional solar panels are difficult to install. This flexibility is particularly useful in building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) applications.


By using organic materials, OPVs are much lighter than traditional silicon-based solar cells, which is beneficial for applications where mobility is important, or where the load on the installation surface needs to be minimized.

Reduce manufacturing costs

OPVs can be mass-produced using printable processes at low temperatures. This consumes less energy than traditional solar cell manufacturing processes and has the potential to significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

The Third Generation: The Future of Organic Solar Cells

"Flexibility redefines the future of energy: Enable sustainable energy anywhere, anytime, in any form with lightweight, flexible OPV technology."

The main advantages of OPV lie in the flexible energy solutions it can provide and the relatively low manufacturing costs, and it is also focused on providing sustainable energy solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.

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Flexible Displays, Flexible Solar Panels,Flexible Sensors

Versatile installation options: They can be mounted on almost any surface, making better use of space and collecting solar energy in more places than traditional solar panels.

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With OPV, we are creating a lighter, more flexible future. Experience the innovative solutions this technology brings, and your spaces and devices will be elevated."
Dana Bailey
"Organic solar cells offer more than just energy. Make your lifestyle greener with OPVs, the choice for a sustainable future."
David Larsen
"The affordability and environmental friendliness of OPVs is something we should all be striving for. By bringing OPVs into your business and home, you'll be helping to increase energy efficiency and protect the planet."
John Wells

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“The Endless Possibilities of Flexibility: Revolutionizing Your Everyday Life.”